Tuesday, May 24, 2011


usafineart said...

These are outstanding, pieces, Ms. Way. I am a colecttor and bought one of your pen and ink drawings, 48 Hymns. I always wonder if artists remember their works, the names or even doing them if it were yeears before. I do not have too many contemporary pieces but I have a few by Holly Roberts from the same auction and previously other pieces from Yutaka Ohashi and Raymond Jonson. With all the skill there is such an element of luck as well in the art world.
Rick Toth

9andrea9 said...

Dear Mr. Roth,
Thank you for your kind remarks.
I do remember "48 Hymns" and was tempted to bid on it myself because that auction had the piece priced so low.
If you live near San Francisco please visit Brian Gross Fine Art where several of the Venetian Dream paintings are on view.
warm regards,